Throwback Thursday: 1995 Seniors’ Night

1995 – my last year in high school. It was also the year when Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines. I never got the chance to catch a glimpse but I remember being glued to the TV and being all teary-eyed as the leader of our Church appeared from the plane. (Even the reporters were crying at the sight of him.) As the country gets ready to welcome Pope Francis, I can’t help but be nostalgic.

I can’t believe that it has been twenty years.

My former classmates and I are now busy organizing our 20th reunion. Every meeting, talks about the past always come up in the midst of all the present day worries that we are facing. We always have a good laugh when we try to picture ourselves during that time. It’s fun to remember how ugly we were, how corny our concerns are and other such stuff.

This picture was taken during the last and perhaps the only party we had in school in 1995 – Our Seniors’ Night. Believe it or not, those were our best outfits. Probably not the fashion statement at that time but we sincerely believed that we looked awesome.

seniors night

The young really has a tendency to look at the world through rose colored glasses. ;p


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