KDrama: Pinocchio – My Thoughts

I had a crush on Lee Jong-suk a few months ago and Park Shin-hye has a special spot in my heart. Though their past projects were disappointing, I looked forward to Pinocchio with high hopes. Thankfully, they bounced back. It aired its last episode and though I hate to say goodbye to this drama, it was time.

Pinocchio is a story about two young reporters, Choi In-ha (Park Shin-hye) who hiccups when she lies and KI Ha-myung/ Choi Dal-po (Lee Jong-suk) who has a terrible past with reporters. Ha-myung’s father was falsely accused by the media which led to the tragic demise of his family. The media frenzy was started by Song Cha-ok (Jin Kyung) who happened to be In-ha’s mother. The story revolved around Ha-myung’s past in the midst of their struggles as rookie reporters, growing love for each other, complicated family relationships and developing friendships.


I loved the characters. Choi In-ha, Ki Ha-myung/Choi Dal-po, Seo Bum-jo were quite idealistic but I guess it was their age. It was nice to see that idealism rub off and influence people around them. Yoon Yu-rae was good for the laughs and she reminded me of a few people I know in real life who has that stalker tendency and the knack for misreading other people’s opinion of them. Gyo-dong was cute as well and Hyun-kyu was funny. I really, really love grandpa and Dad who loved Dal-po so much and did not allow him to push them away.


The pacing was good as well. Secrets were revealed early and conflicts were resolved just in time. The ending was predictable but I loved how it was presented no matter how convenient. The romance was not really the core but all the heart-fluttering moments were hug-your-pillow-and-grin-stupidly worthy. There was no conflict, the second leads don’t stand a chance and I think it’s just stupid to stay away from each other even if you’re crazy for one another just because of guilt trips. Good thing it didn’t last long. (On a side note, PSH did not look awkward kissing here. Was it LJS kissing skills? Or just good camera work?)


Overall it was a nice and easy watch. It was a feel-good drama that’s filled with family, honesty and love.


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