Random Muttering 1/18/2015 – Why I Prefer Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies are my cup of tea. Light and funny ways of relating love stories are much preferable than heavy dramatic (and sometimes even dark) ones.

Some people think I am shallow and this I will not deny. I watch TV and movies and read novels to entertain myself, why do I need to do deep thinking and waste my neurons? Besides, I deal with a lot of intellectually challenging decisions and dramatic situations in real life. Give me a break.

I watch serious films too and I can appreciate them. There are dark films that disturbed me and left me pondering about them for days. It was a good experience, to learn and grow through those films but nevertheless, I would still choose something that would make me feel good and giddy even for a short while. It’s like choosing candy over vegetables.

I believe in the statement “to each his own.” Go and nibble on your carrot sticks and just let me lick my chocolate covered lollipop.



5 thoughts on “Random Muttering 1/18/2015 – Why I Prefer Romantic Comedies

  1. You are right, to each his own is quite simply the freedom to choose and people should respect one’s choice (or choices for that matter). I also love to watch rom-coms during certain times when things are a bit pressured already at work or when I’m not in the mood for some very serious hard-hitting movies.

    Enjoyment is personal, and like watching a movie, we get affected when it “hits home” and we can identify with the character.

    • Hi Jed! It’s so nice to see you here =)
      Anyway, this is what I have always emphasized when I rave about film and dramas. I’m okay if people disagree with me, I just don’t like being judged because I prefer this genre. I’ve been called shallow and worse, stupid. But well, you can’t really please everyone. =)

      • I’m very glad to visit your blog and so far, I am enjoying your posts. I’m a bit slow when it comes to discovering the blogs of people I have already talked to via disqus. Now, I’ll be visiting yours more often. 🙂

        I hate it when people judge me too. We are all entitled to our opinion and what we love to watch is definitely no one else’s business.

        I seldom use the word shallow, but used it in a review just yesterday, but I don’t use it exactly to describe someone. I think some like to use it a lot. In that case, I never look back and talk to him/her again. Being called stupid, is just crazy. It’s unfair.

        Anyway, let’s enjoy what we love the most – writing, expressing our views, watching J-movies! 🙂

        • Thank you for the kind words =)
          I really don’t mind being called shallow because I have the tendency to be especially when I am in cloud nine. But stupid, come on! As you said, that’s unfair and crazy.
          I read your review, I am just thinking of the proper words to comment because I liked “My Man” but it’s not for everyone. People need an open mind for that kind of film.
          Cheers to our love for writing and J-movies! =)

          • Yes, the movie is definitely not for everyone and finding the time to do a proper review depends on many things. I had the film for about 2 weeks but could only watched it just a few days ago, when I thought I’m ready for it.

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