JMovie: LD-K (2014)

My disappointment over my long weekend being cut short led me to LD-K. It is a high school romance movie based on a manga and stars Ayame Gouriki and Kento Yamazaki. I was looking for something light and scream worthy and I was not disappointed.

Aoi Nishimori (Gouriki) is a typical high school student living away from her family due to some reason. Shusei Kugayama (Yamazaki) is a transfer student, a hearth throb and her best friend Moe’s (Rei Okamoto) crush. Turns out Shusei is living alone like Aoi and (surprise!) they are neighbors. Due to some accident, Shusei’s unit is not liveable so he moves in (surprise again!) to Aoi’s room. Eventually, (tadaa) they grew to like each other which both of them try to deny at first. Until such time they admitted that they really do like each other.

Okay so it was a stereotypical teen love story. Cohabitation is also not new to the said genre. The conflicts were common too like an ex who can’t move on and a guy who stays just because of some promise. But what made me stay for 113 minutes? Kento Yamazaki! Something in me just feels gooey when I look at him. He was able to convey the quiet, sometimes arrogant, a bit of a tease yet cold Shusei. All he needed to do was stand there and work with those eyes (okay fine! take his shirt off too).

Overall, LD-K is not bad. It’s something to watch if you’re in that I-want-to-feel-like-a-highschool-girl mood. You can skip some of Gouriki’s scenes and just focus on Yamazaki and stop yourself from screaming.



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