Random Muttering – 1/20/2015 Bubble Bursters

How many times have you told yourself that happiness is a choice?

Me? Countless.

I try my best to ignore sad things or at best, see the better side of it. Most of the time, I am successful but there are also times that it doesn’t work at all. This day is one of those times.

I started the day with high hopes, it was the first day of school after a few days of vacation after all. I was feeling fine though I lack sleep. So when the crazy traffic jam started, I was pissed off for a moment but I consoled myself at the thought that at least I can take a nap.

The class went well. The kids were their usual selves. I opened my FB and found out that one of our batch mates passed away. She was not a close friend but I recognize her as one of my co-trainees in our Cadet Officer Candidate Course when I was in Third Year high school. We were of the same age. The thing with death is, there is nothing happy about it. Even if you tell the grieving families that at least she won’t suffer now or she is in a better place, it still is sad.

I went home and heard from my sister that one of our old neighbors is in the hospital with tubes on his chest. He is just a year older. Again, we are not close, yet I feel sad about it.

I know I can just focus on the good things that happened today and smile. However, I am finding it difficult. Maybe I just feel too much or I’m just tired due to lack of sleep. I just pray that I will still have tomorrow and have my bubble of happiness blown back again.


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