Random Muttering 1/25/2014 – Power Mushroom

As the last week of January begins, I realized that I haven’t accomplished a lot of my goals when it was just beginning. It was not as busy as it used to, I even had a few days off. Is this the lazy hormone or was I just too tired when 2014 ended? Unlike some people I know, I was not caught up with the “better me in January” frenzy. While I admit to having prepared my New Year’s resolutions list, I kinda forgot about it. Anyway, I still have the Chinese New Year in February (heh!).

I watched a few movies over the weekend and started new dramas (Hyde, Jekyll and I, Ouroboros, and Gakko no Kaidan). I wanted to write my first impressions and my opinions but I just feel too lazy to begin and would rather watch a few reruns of “Friends.” I am losing interest in a lot of things and feeling dissatisfied with my work. I am falling into another rut.

I wish I could have one of Mario’s power mushrooms and regain that interest to fulfill my mission(s). That even if my opponents are all shooting me, I can still run and jump on their heads. Even if I just find the maids, I would still have the will to go and rescue the princess.

power mushroom

I just wish this week will be better.


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