Condolences to the family of the Fallen 44

i rarely watch the news, rarely react to the biggest issues of this country. But the death of 44 policemen, the overkill, the heartlessness of this event just breaks my heart. So many theories are running in my head but the only clear thing is, 44 lives were ended.

As we enjoy our normal lives, watching our favorite movies or indulging in our favorite restaurants or just simply lying around comfortably in our homes – these 44 men went to carry out duties to make sure that we can continue living this way.

To quote Teddy Boy Locsin Jr.

“Ours is a poor country; badly governed since independence;…..but we are rich in the courage of our soldiers; our land is fertile with the blood they shed; our spirits are humbled by their ill-rewarded sacrifices…”


I am an ordinary citizen, a small voice among the millions, I have accepted my powerlessness a long time ago. All I can do now is pray for the souls of the Fallen44 and for the families to get through this tragedy.


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