Valentine’s Day – E Di WOW!

Today is the day that my friends call me “bitter.” Why?

I just love bashing couples especially those ultra sweet ones who have no qualms about displaying their affections publicly. I mean come on! I smirk at couples wearing couple tees and looking at each other lustfully over a cup of coffee. Cheesy quotes and messages on Facebook walls makes me want to puke. And I am battling with the urge to pull the hair of my friends who can’t get their hands off their s.o.’s.

Yeah! Maybe I am bitter.

Although honestly, I love romance. I’m a self-confessed romantic comedy fan. A good love story touches me and makes me feel that need to be with someone. I am okay with getting flowers or hearing cheesy lines from someone special. I just don’t have that right now.

Lately, everyone I know seems to be caught up in Valentine’s Day. Just do your business, just don’t let me see you. I would bash with all my might, say words that will sting you’d wish this day will be over sooner than expected. Because after all, this day, just like any other day will end anyway.

Then I can go back to my normal, not “bitter” self.


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