Random Muttering 2/18/2015: Occasions and Disclaimers

In a few minutes, we will welcome the year of the Sheep. I am not Chinese, I have Chinese roots but it is only in the past few years have I celebrated this occasion. I have some wishing paper and some food as well. But my whole family is in bed now so I just would have to greet my Chinese friends. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


It’s Ash Wednesday, the Lenten season has officially began. I am not a devout Catholic. I do not go to mass regularly. But somehow, I found the time this afternoon. I am being reminded that although I have a personal relationship with Jesus, I still need to go to church. I hope this time I will be able to keep my promises and perhaps make it up to Him for all the bad things I have done.

I don’t know what’s gotten into me a while ago. I am provoking some strangers and picking a fight any chance I get to. I’m being antagonistic just because I can.

Maybe it’s just the weather or the hormones or just boredom.


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