2015 Teachers’ Outing Day One p.2

Traveling from Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte takes two hours. We finally managed to get a quick shut eye before we continue exploring. Our first stop was Marcos Mausoleum but we were not allowed to take pictures. This is where the body of the former president was displayed. It was a bit creepy, with the temperature and the background music.

Next stop was the beautiful Paoay Church.


It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest churches in the country. It was beautiful and you can really feel the solemnity of the place.

SAM_2219 SAM_2218

Next stop was Malacañang of the North, a beautiful mansion used by the Marcoses during their time.


The front view may not be impressive but inside and the view at the back is a different story.

SAM_2229 SAM_2234 SAM_2235

I took a picture with Madam Imelda’s portrait.


and a nice silhouette shot =)


Then we headed to the sand dunes. It was the most fun part of our adventure. Too bad my camera was starting to go low bat and I don’t have a power bank. I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures. But the 4×4 ride was thrilling and exciting like a roller coaster ride.



The last part of our first day was Fort Ilocandia. We were so tired by this time that we did not bother to go in. We just took pictures outside.

SAM_2272 SAM_2273

Finally, after a very looooonnngggg day, we were finally able to rest, take a bath, brush our teeth and change clothes.

It was a tiring day but all the places we visited were worth it. Paoay is such a charming place with lots of history and scenic spots. I wish I stayed a little longer. =)


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