Teacher’s Outing Day Two: Ilocos Norte

The stupid thing I did on the second day of our adventure was not checking if my charger was working properly. My camera was low bat and I had to settle with my phone. Nevertheless, it was another unforgettable day in such a beautiful place.

It was another two-hour drive to Pagudpud, a place known for its white beach. On the way, we visited a salt making place. We also dropped by the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Too bad it was under maintenance so we were not able to go up but the view on the deck was breathtaking enough.


Then we headed to the Kapurpuruwan rock formations. It was so windy, Too bad I was not able to take a decent picture. I am still waiting for my colleagues to upload their pics.

But what really awed me during the road trip was the sight of the huge windmills. They were like giant fans protruding above the trees. It was a bit scary when you get too close but they were magnificent.


We were really excited when we went to Bangui wind farm. The windmills lined up along the beach will leave one in awe. It was high noon when we got there and my mood was about to go sour but the sight made me forget the sweltering heat.

20150324_111639 20150324_112356

Our next stop was the Pagudpud. We took some pictures in the middle of the road under the town arc. It was a fun experience, too bad I don’t have a copy. But I managed to have a selfie hehe


Then we passed by the Patapat bridge, the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines. We were almost at the end of Ilocos Norte.


Then we hailed the white beaches of Pagudpud. The sand was nice and the waters clean but I don’t think it’s safe for kids since the waves are strong. It also needs to be improved because the cottages are too close to the water and the accommodations are a bit too expensive for ordinary Filipinos. The public restrooms are also costly, peeing will cost P10, a shower is P15 and changing clothes is P5.


After that we headed back to the hotel. On this trip, I noticed that using the public restrooms were quite expensive. It will cost P10 for every pee. A friend jokingly said that it will be better to wear diapers. I understand the need for these fees but I just think it was too much. If you let people pay that much, it would be nice if you could offer toilet papers or hand sanitizers but there was none. Other toilets are even not worth it.

Overall, it was a fun day. The sights were unforgettable and they are worth going back to. Tomorrow, I will write about our last night and day at the beautiful Ilocos Norte and an unexpected reunion. =)


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