Teachers’ Outing 2015 Day 2 p.2 and Day 3

After a few hours at the beach, we went back to Laoag. We reached our hotel at around six pm. We just washed up and got ready for dinner. We wanted to try something else so we walked around looking for other establishments until a local police officer recommended “La Preciosa.” Judging from all the recommendations and the looks of the place, we guessed that it is the most popular restaurant in the area.

The place looked like an old house which was quite pretty and charming. It was full and we had to wait quite long before our food was served. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying meal. We were waiting for our dinner when one of my colleagues (also a high school classmate) got a text from my dear old friend Noreen. Noreen is a part of my clique way back in high school, we continued hanging out even if we went to different colleges and even saw each other after we graduated. However, she got a job in the Ilocos region (which she is a native of) and we lost contact. That was 1999, she had no idea that my father already passed away and only learned about our dear Ted’s demise about two years ago.

She was actually planning to take us at La Preciosa but since we already had dinner, she and her husband took us to a place they call “food court” and we enjoyed some Ilocos Empanada!

Then they invited us to their place and I must admit, I was really impressed.

Truth be told, I was not that eager to meet up with her. I didn’t even inform her that we were going to Ilocos. I have some doubts, we last saw each other fifteen years ago and we felt like she abandoned and forgot about us. But when I saw her, the pain just got forgotten. All I can recall were the happy times we spent together with Ted and the rest of our group. I promised her I’ll be back and I’ll take Ana and Gladys with me.

Our third day was uneventful. We just went around shopping for pasalubong and since I have limited budget, I did not shop much. We went to the bus station, this time it’s Maria De Leon (again because it’s the cheapest. We were there an hour early so Grace and I sneaked out and went to the plaza to take these pictures. Hooray!


This one’s the sinking bell tower, one of the city’s famous landmarks.

And of course, these giant letters that welcome everyone.


It could’ve been nicer to have taken a picture at night but it was time to go back home.

Back to reality of our daily monotonous lives.

It was a sweet sorrow. The events and the places we’ve been in those brief two days will be etched in my memory. I would definitely go back =)


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