Random Muttering 4/1/2015: Holy Week

It’s Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are National Holidays, many people took this chance to go for a weekend get away or go home to the province to be with family. However, this is not allowed in our family. We are not devout Catholics but we grew up spending Holy Week doing simple religious and traditional stuff like attending “pabasa,” watching the “prusisyon,” and joining the “salubong.” We are allowed to laugh and watch TV but not allowed to play loud music or hold a party.

We watched a prusisyon earlier and my sister asked us, “Why are we even excited to watch this when we watch this every year anyway?” My cousin and I just laughed. We can’t even find the right words to explain why we like watching. Maybe because it was our little way of remembering what Jesus did for mankind.

SAM_2292 SAM_2296 SAM_2299 SAM_2301


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