KDrama Thoughts: Healer

A lot of good reviews have been written about the K-drama “Healer” and it deserves all the raves it’s been getting. I watched all 20 episodes in two days and relied on energy drinks and caffeine but it was worth it. Since there are many reviews circulating, I will not make a detailed one.

Healer is fast-paced and well-written. The action scenes were good. The romance is scream-worthy. The characters have a solid back story. I love it!

My favorite moments were when Young-shin (Park Min-young) was very protective of Bong-soo (Ji Chang-wook) not knowing that he is Healer, when she told him about her crush on Healer, when he broke down after she begged him not to let her go, when he followed her around because he can’t believe it was happening and when she ran after him after discovering the secret about their fathers. I also love their relationship with Moon-ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) and Min-ja (Kim Mi-kyung).

Now, honestly, I am just writing this because I can’t get enough of Ji Chang-wook!

Okay, I know, I change crushes for every drama and film I watch. I have to admit they were because of the characters and not the person. I cyber-stalk them for a while then move on to the next crush. I already saw him before in “Five Fingers” but since he was in a supporting role, I did not develop this obsession with him. Healer transformed him into this guy who you want to take care of but at the same time run to and get cozy with.


How long till I get tired of him? Who knows? But right now I want more of him!


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