Random Muttering 4/21/2015: Rain in the Summer!

We’ve been complaining of the summer heat for a few weeks now. If I am not mistaken, it went as high as 36 degrees Celsius last Saturday. It was really surprising when the rain suddenly fell this afternoon.

rain 1

It’s actually refreshing.

Rain in the summer makes me feel nostalgic.

One particular memory that I recalled while watching the raindrops happened more than fifteen years ago in the streets of Cubao. I escaped from a birthday party about to go wild. Mustering all the courage I could get, I waited for a jeepney alone at 2 am when a familiar face smiled at me.

He was a friend of a friend. We said our hellos, we exchanged pleasantries and rode the same jeep. It was just an ordinary conversation but my heart was screaming in delight. He’s really cute, I actually had a crush on him but I know that he would never notice me because he was out of my league. He is the type to turn heads, the type who can get the most gorgeous girls in town. I can’t believe he remembered my name. The few times we spent together prior to this was always with a big group and never once did he look my way.

The trip was quite short, no traffic jams at that hour. It was one of those rare moments that I wished there would be heavy traffic. Before I went off, he asked for my number.

Imagine how thrilled I was.

I slept that night with a smile on my face in spite of the reprimands of my father.


I sound like an excited high school girl.

Well, he never called. Not even once. I was disappointed but it passed.

I saw him once after that, another rainy summer afternoon. He told me I gave him the wrong number. All I said was, “Really? Sorry.” At that  time I was in love with someone so I never really felt anything. At least I know that he tried to contact me.

Sometimes I still think about that night. I still smile at the memory and it still makes me giddy. Right now I just wish that someone will make me feel that giddy once again. =)


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