500 Days of Summer Revisited

500 Days of Summer is one of my all time favorite movies. When I am feeling low or when things are not going my way, I watch it and feel better. It reminds me that no matter what happens, life goes on and things come to pass.

500 1

There are a lot of good stuff in this movie – great actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, Cjloe Grace Moretz, Geofferey Arend, Matthew Gray-Gubler) unforgettable lines and relate-able scenes.It was told in a nonlinear account, jumping within the 500 days of the relationship but it was fairly simple to understand. Different views were given by a narrator documentary style, some animations were included, even a dance number. At the beginning of the film it was stated that it was not a love story instead the director Marc Webb (The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2) described it as a “coming of age” film, to which I partly agree and disagree.

500 4

Though I can recite the next lines and know what’s coming, it still breaks my heart when I see Tom’s (JGL) pained expression.

500 14

500 13500 17

I still laugh out loud at the p*n*s game in the park and I still grin stupidly at the first few days of Tom and Summer’s (ZD) Romance.

 500 10 500 5

500 6

I love Tom’s relationship with his younger sister (CGM).

500 15

I still wait for Paul (MGG) to say that “Robin is better than the girl of my dreams; she’s real.”

500 11

The highlight of the movie is that part when they showed two panes, one labelled expectation and reality. It was the ultimate moment for Tom to accept that Summer is just not the one for her.

500 12

Another turning point was when Tom started drawing on the wall of his place. After moping for how many days, living like a loser, he just woke up and started drawing. It was the beginning of moving on.

500 16

I could rattle on and on about how this movie pressed buttons in me. To sum it up, this film is one of those that tackled pain and end up making you feel better. Definitely something to watch from time to time.

500 8


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