Random Muttering 5/9/2015

Late last year, my closest cousin’s home burned to the ground. It was a gloomy time for our family since that fire also destroyed the place where we grew up in. Moving on was hard to imagine. Even if we do not live there anymore, it was as if a part of us were burned as well.

Today, they had their new home blessed. It’s better than before and I am so happy that they can smile sincerely again. I looked at our old place and though nothing has been built there yet, it was not as painful as it used to. I can only smile at the thought that we once spent time there and made memories that not even the wildest fire can burn from our hearts.

We moved on without even being aware of it. It took some time but it did. =)

I was talking to a friend on the phone earlier. Both of us have fairly good sense of hearing but I guess both of us have naturally loud voices. We rarely meet lately so we talk on the phone from time to time. Without being aware of where we are, we just talk about this and that until something else comes up or we simply just want to stop talking.

Anyway, we both love Asian dramas and movies and we update each other on what we are watching, who is our latest crush and so on. I have been persuading her to watch some Japanese films and series. She told me that the last JDrama she watched was Nodame Cantabile. When Hiroshi Tamaki’s name was mentioned we both screamed giddily and both of us stopped dead after.

I forgot that I was standing at the gate and some teenagers were passing by. She on the other hand is inside a full jeepney.

The kids were looking at me like I am some kind of wacko. My friend told me that the other jeepney passengers were looking at her the same way.

We forgot that we were in a public place, we forgot that we talk so loud and we forgot that we are at that age. That age when people expect us to talk about more serious stuff and not turn all giddy for some actor like young high school girls.

At least, now we know.


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