Random Muttering 5/12/2015: Missin’ Masaki Okada

I miss Masaki Okada. I haven’t seen all his works and to be honest, inasmuch as I want to see more of him, most of the dramas he starred in are not my cup of tea. The only one I watched from start to finish is “Otomen” while the rest, I skipped episodes when I get bored. I was planning on watching “Honokaa Boy” and “Gravity’s Clowns” again but the real world needs me to accomplish tasks first so I just have to find some time later this week.

Though he was recognized in “Villain” and “Confessions,” Leo and Haru are the characters that stuck with me. I loved him as Takuma in “I Give My First Love to You” as well but that movie is just so sad.

I hope that I could see more of him soon. =)

Summer classes are about to end. Yey!

I am so excited to hit the beach before the summer ends. Woohoo!


2 thoughts on “Random Muttering 5/12/2015: Missin’ Masaki Okada

  1. Try the new drama “Fuben na Benriya”, highly recommended by a few friends who love to review J-dorama as well. I tried the first 2 episodes and not bad, in fact it was hilarious! lol

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