Currently Watching: Bits and Pieces of Asian Dramas

Most drama watchers will agree that after watching a good series, the next problem will be what to watch next. There are seasons that nothing seems good and there are seasons when everything seems worth checking out. I recently started watching a few Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese series and here are some of my midway thoughts and first impressions.

Korean Dramas

1. Divorce Lawyers in Love
After “Marriage, Not Dating” I wanted to see more of Yeon Woo-jin, thus I checked this out. He stars opposite Cho Yeo-Jong. She was a feisty divorce lawyer and he was her office manager and things happened so their situations were reversed. A strong woman and a nice guy dynamic, it got me watching. However, the chemistry between the leads seems to go on and off. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.


2. Warm and Cozy
A Hong Sisters’ drama which stars two promising young actors, how could I resist? Previously titled Jeju Island Gatsby, the first two episodes are still hazy but basically the plot is about two young people from the city who will try to live and settle in Jeju Island. Since it’s the team that made “The Greatest Love,” I am sure it will be good.


3. The Producers

Gong Hyo-jin, Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Soo-Hyun – I’m sold! I don’t even care what it will be about because the cast was enough. The good part is, it’s also entertaining and interesting. GHJ and CTH are veteran PD’s of the variety department of KBS while KSH is a rookie PD. It is presented mockumentary style ala “The Office.”


Japanese Dramas
1. Fuben na Benriya

I really, really miss Masaki Okada so I had to check this out. I kinda feel dumb because I don’t get what this show is trying to say and I feel shallow for LOLing at almost every scene. My favorite is the one in the hospital. When the leads found a guy frozen in the snow wearing Jun’s jacket, they brought him to the hospital. When they heard he is safe, everyone started cheering. A nurse came out to shush them, they stopped then continued to cheer without voices and I was ROTFL. The absurdity of the situations just got me cracking and I can’t stop watching.

fuben 1

2. Tenno no Ryoriban

Takeru Satoh plays the role of Tokuzo Akiyama, a restless young man who would later become the Emperor’s chef. All those yummy looking food are making me hungry, though the focus is of course on Akiyama’s journey. Toshiko (Haru Kuroki), Akiyama’s wife, is my favorite character so far.


Taiwanese Drama

1. In Time, With You
And since my all time favorite Korean actress, Ha Ji-won, will be doing a remake of this Taiwanese Drama, I also checked out “In Time with You” which aired in Taiwan in 2011. It stars Ariel Lin (It Started with a Kiss 1 and 2) and Bolin Chen, who I only remembered from two Japanese films “Sugar and Spice” and “All About Love.” It has only 13 episodes which run for about an hour and a half. I am getting a little impatient and fighting the urge to skip to the ending. It’s a story of two people who friend-zoned each other even if everyone around them sees that they are perfect for one another. Even they see it, but both deny having feelings and even made a bet who will get married first before they reach thirty-five. So far, I like the character dynamics. The plot is something many modern-day singles can relate to.

itwy1I am crossing my fingers that all these series will turn out good and I wouldn’t have to drop anything in the middle. And I sincerely hope that there will be more promising and interesting ones to come. =)


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