Random Muttering 5/25/2015: Again (for the nth time)

Vacations make me real lazy. I have to go back to work in a few hours but I just don’t feel like going. All I can think of is soaking in this clear, blue waters.

I don’t know how to swim and I don’t look good in a swimsuit. My skin turned two times darker and I ate all the greasy stuff I could grab. But what I missed most from my Boracay trip was the feeling of having no responsibilities and no worries. I could sit on that beach listening to the waves and the wind and think about nothing for hours.


I don’t even have to go back to that place. I can just stay home and watch anything in my computer all day. I just don’t feel like going back to work tomorrow. Can’t I just go back next week? or next month? or when the weather gets better?

Having a vacation is like pushing the pause button in the middle of watching a movie. The problem with me is that when I sit in front of the screen after a break, I lose all interest in what I was watching so I can’t continue it. Maybe because what I was watching is not that interesting because if it was, I wouldn’t push that button.

My job is interesting but I am not interested in it right now. I hope this is just one of those fickle-minded moments I have. Perhaps tomorrow I will find my interest in it again…


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