Random Muttering: Family Dinner 5/30/2015

My family went out for dinner last night. For a change, we tried this Japanese restaurant near our place.

The sight of actors enjoying a plate of their curry in Japanese and Korean dramas had always intrigued me. Unfortunately, it was not of my liking. It looks really good but I guess my palate had been used to salty food so I did not enjoy my food much. The kani salad, fried maki, and shrimp tempura were delicious. I am not a big fan of sashimi (or anything raw, even the local kilawin makes me queasy) but I liked their tuna and salmon a lot. But what I loved the most are these colorful drinks! Perfect for the summer heat!

(Most of) The food were delicious, the place was nice, and we had fun (since my niece did her antics and all). Nothing really beats family time. =)


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