Monday Musings 6/22/2015

It’s another Monday of the current school year. The kids have pretty much adjusted to me and to their new classmates. No wonder they are beginning to show their true colors. The little adorable monsters within are beginning to talk a little louder and are testing if they can run around or go out without being noticed. My voice is getting an octave higher and I am not sure up to when my patience will last. What I am sure of is… this is going to be anothr fun year. =)

Korean drama “The Producers” wrapped up last weekend. It was fairly short – 12 episodes. I like short dramas but when I find characters endearing, I am left asking for just a little bit more. A special perhaps?

I am happy with how it ended and I am not losing hope for the umbrella couple.

I was just looking at my classroom window a while ago. I am not yet satisfied with how it looks. I feel like something’s missing.


Too messy? Not cute enough? Hmmm…


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