Random Muttering 6/23/2015

I am in the middle of making my first journal and newsletter for the school year and I realized that June is swiftly leaving. The kids are their usual energetic selves and I find myself praying for more patience.

Did I mention before that my life is boring?

Yeah. I’ll say it again. My life is boring. I wake up early, teach kids for four hours, do tutorials for another four hours, go home, watch a drama episode or a film then sleep. It’s my daily, weekday routine. However, I am not complaining nor will I pray for excitement hence I end up like the kids in “As the Gods Will.”

Seriously, I am okay with the steady, quiet, and peaceful flow of events. What I can’t understand is, why time seems to be running faster? They say that time is slow when you are bored and I feel bored yet I feel like time is not enough.



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