Random Muttering 6/24/2015 – Goodbyes and Old Crushes

One of my best friends, Jingle, flew to Australia this evening. I feel a bit sad because we were not able to spend some time together before she left. We don’t know when she will be back in this country or if she will be back at all. Good thing the technology today is much better, I can still talk to her via text and the internet. Though we will be apart, I am sure that she will be happy so I am glad as well. She will be with the person she loves and who truly loves her.

Just watched “A and A Tonight” and Piolo Pascual is there!

Jingle and I have a huge crush on him since college days and in spite of the rumors, we simply don’t care. It seems as if he is getting hotter as he age.

I suddenly want to watch his upcoming film, “The Breakup Playlist” with no less than Sarah G. Well, I love SG as a singer and dancer but I must admit she needs a little more training in the acting department. Papa P is tried and tested, I am interested to see their dynamics. This is a film by the director of “That Thing called Tadhana.” So…let’s see.


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