Random Muttering 7/2/2015: Child Actors and Some Favorite Filipino Films

The recent news about what happened to former child actor Jiro Manio had me looking back at one of my most favorite Filipino films, Mario J. delos Reyes’s “Magnifico”. It was a poignant film about a child who affected the lives of people around him. I watched it a long time ago and I only remember bits and pieces but I can never forget how it made me cry – hiccups, snoot and all that.

It’s sad to see how a once promising actor turning out that way.

Speaking of Filipino films, another one on my list is penned by Michiko Yamamoto, the same one who made Magnifico. “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” is a coming of age film about a gay boy who developed a crush on a policeman in spite of belonging to a family of petty thieves. There are a lot of laugh out loud scenes but the one that stuck to me was the one when Maxi was washing a blood-stained shirt and the one in the jeepney with one of his brothers comforting him.

 Another work day tomorrow. My internet connection is still problematic. Things will be better. They will be I am sure. =)


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