Warm and Cozy (KDrama 2015) – Brief Thoughts

I have never given up on “Warm and Cozy” simply for the love of its leads. While it’s true that the writing was not what most fans (like me) expected from the Hong Sisters, it was not bad. I’ve watched and dropped worse ones. Kang So-ra and Yoo Yeon-seok were enough for me; I have a new addition to my favorite Korean actors and actresses. The last two epiodes had me cheering and going gooey. I don’t normally ship couples but I really want these two to be together in real life. Like in most Korean dramas, the kiss scenes are the highlights. Though this may not be the best drama I’ve watched this year, this is one of the best kiss scenes I’ve seen.


When Yoo Yeon-seok looks at you this way, wouldn’t it be enough to give it your all?


“Warm and Cozy” is aptly titled. It was an easy watch, a nice walk in the park on a breezy, peaceful afternoon.


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