Random Muttering 7/9/2015: Floods, First Impressions: “Death Note” and “Oh My Ghost!”

It’s the typhoon season once again and while I welcome the lower temperature and the vacation due to class suspensions, I am a bit edgy due to waters rising. Last I checked the Marikina River is down to 13.9 m so I can relax a little. I have been checking the nearby drainage since last night because in my experience, once the water reaches the road, wait a few minutes and it will be inside our house. Darn climate change!

Just watched the first episode of “Death Note.” I must say I’m impressed, it was worth the hype. The thing is my only background on this was the 2006 movie. Compared to that, I have more sympathy for Light Yagami in this series. Perhaps because there were more motivations for his character that was shown unlike in the movie where I thought he was just this conceited kid who thinks he knows better. Masataka Kubota keeps impressing me – the facial expressions, the gestures. Kento Yamazaki as L is doing a great job and many fans (including myself) are raving about his performance. I love the manliner, the hair could have been better but he’s still hot. I can’t wait for the next episode!

I also began watching “Oh My Ghost!” starring no less than Park Bo-young (who IMO, is one of the best actresses of her generation along with Shim Eun-kyung). She made me care for the boring Na Bong-sun and she made me laugh as Shin Soo-ae.

Should I start watching “Game of Thrones”? I am four years late. hmmm…


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