Random Muttering 7/31/2015 – Once in a Blue Moon

The blue moon – a rare event that happens every two to three years. Some hopeless romantics even believe that the person you are with when you see it will be the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Looking at the night sky right now, I don’t see anything special. It’s just the second full moon of July.

looking at the blue moon

looking at the blue moon

While others find the full moon romantic, something about it makes me melancholic. Perhaps because everyone else is sleeping and it is eerily quiet. Even the occasional vehicles that pass by seem to fail to make me feel less alone. The only memory I can think of right now were those nights in the province when me and my childhood friends sat under the full moon while exchanging scary stories.

And as I stare at the bright full moon, I am wondering where they are now. Are they still in the old place and do they still gather to tell those wild horror stories?


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