Throwback Thursday 8/20/2015: Batch 2003 =)

I approved a friend request on Facebook about two days ago thinking that it was another high school batch mate wanting to catch up. She left me a private message and to my surprise, it was one of my old students. She’s now in college, taking up Theater Arts. She made me feel old but fulfilled at the same time. It seems she has turned into a nice young lady. Whether I influenced her or not, I couldn’t really care less because I am so glad that she remembered me.

One of the biggest frustrations I have as a preschool teacher is that thing called “childhood amnesia.” It is the inability of humans to remember things before the age of seven. I am teaching 4-6 year olds and it’s sometimes sad to run into some old students and see them have this puzzled look on their faces when I smile at them.

She sent me this picture and I can’t explain how it made me feel.

Looking back, I made a lot of mistakes those years. I have not established my teaching style yet and my patience was much shorter. I have changed a lot since and I am happy.

I just wish I have kept and maintained that figure.

Dang! =p


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