Oh My Ghost! – My Take

Oh My Ghost is one of those dramas that made me feel sad when it ended. The ending was satisfying but I feel like I will miss the characters. It was like the feeling I usually have every end of the school year. I witness how kids bloom in front of my eyes then without really being aware of it, it was time to set them out to the real world.

The Plot: Na Bong-sun (Park Bo-young) is a timid girl who has the ability to see ghosts. One day, she was possessed by an outgoing ghost Shin Soon-ae (Kim Seul-gi). Suddenly she turned into this outspoken, man crazy woman much to the surprise of her co-workers especially her long-time crush Chef Kang Sung-woo (Jo Jung-seok).

I may be looking at it through graduation goggles right now but this is what I would call a solid drama. There was a balance of funny and touching moments. The storytelling was well done, the characters were really unforgettable and the actors were great.

Kim Seul-gi has shown her good comedic timing and equally good dramatic skills. I never really thought much of Jo jung-seok but he made me fall for Chef specially that part when he was so torn upon finding out that he had been falling for someone else. Im Joo-hwan was very effective as a cold-blooded killer with the innocent, boyish smile in front of everyone and having that evil glint in his eye once he is alone. He give me shivers when he nonchalantly killed someone.

And… Park bo-young, I just love, love, love her so much. It was remarkable how she was able to switch from the thousand-words-a-minute Soon-ae to the timid Bong-sun. One can really tell without further explanations if she was possessed or not, I may not have developed this concern for Na bong-sun had she been played by a lesser actress.

The supporting cast also deserved to be mentioned. From the wacky cooks, to the crazy mom and the lovable shaman – it wouldn’t be as much fun if it weren’t for them. Eun-hee, Dad, and Kyung-mo were also vital.


It was a fun-filled sixteen episodes. I wish there were more dramas like this. Now my problem is I am back to asking, “What should I watch next?”


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