The Dragonfly on the Wall

There are some things that you were good at when you were a kid but suddenly forgot when you reach adulthood. One such thing is using the hoola-hoop. I used to make a thousand spins when I was young but when I grew up, I couldn’t even complete one. I also used to ride a skateboard like a pro (well, that was an exaggeration) but now, I can’t even stand on a board.

When my cousins and I were little, we used to catch butterflies and dragonflies near the river. We would put them in plastic bags and before the sun sets, we will count them and the one who caught the most will be the winner. I don’t remember getting a prize but we all played like our future depended on it.

This morning I saw this thingy on the wall near the stairs.


 I carefully went near it and posed to catch it by the wing.

Then I decided against it.

I suddenly imagined the feel of its wings on my fingertips and its legs on my hands. Just the thought made me queasy. Looking at its large eyes, I never really noticed that its face looks like that of a housefly.

I guess I will not try catching dragonflies again.

It was probably easy for me when I was a kid because kids are usually braver. They don’t worry so much about stuff like germs and microbes. They are okay with new textures and smells. Skateboards are not difficult for them because they are not so afraid of injury and are really not aware of the long term effects. Hoola-hoops are a piece of meat for them because they are not so conscious of how they look like to other people.

Sometimes I just really wish I could be a kid again =)


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