TBT: My Love for The Eraserheads

The soundtrack of my senior year in high school and the rest of my college years are sung by the Eraserheads. Ely’s unique voice, the relate-able lyrics, the easy to hum along with melody and even their fashion were what got me hooked. For me, they were the vanguards of the Philippine alternative music scene. I remember wanting (and dying) to enter UP because I was so in love with Ely Buendia. I even sent them fanmail. They sent me a postcard with a simple: “Dear Jill, Where’s Jack?” If I could do cartwheels, I would have made hundreds at that time.

from: thefilipinomusic.blogspot.com

Well, I managed to pass the UPCAT but what the seventeen year-old me didn’t know was that the four of them already dropped out (dang!). It was not a futile effort though because they sung during our freshman orientation. And the years that followed were full of mini concerts and such. I only watched the free ones though, I really can’t afford to buy tickets. Among their albums, my favorites are Ultraelectromagneticpop, Circus and Cutterpillow.

They have disbanded a long time ago and had a reunion concert and tour not so long ago. I lost the postcard during Ondoy and my heart is still aching for the songhits and cassette tapes I wasn’t able to save. The Eraserheads occupies a very special place in my heart simply because they remind me of my tumultuous adolescence with a smile.

Lift your head,

Baby don’t be scared

Of the things that could go wrong along the way.

You’ll get by, with a smile.

You can’t win at everything

But you can try.

–With a Smile

The Eraserheads


3 thoughts on “TBT: My Love for The Eraserheads

    • I don’t know if they still have that kind of fan service. I sent my fan letter to BMG records and got a reply after a month or two. My cousins also got the same postcard with different dedication letters at the back.
      Those were the days when the internet was not so popular (or should I say limited?). You send a letter in the post office and get a reply from the mailman. I’m not sure if they even read my letter but I know that it reached them. =).

      • I don’t think so that this is still possible from this moment, but it’s good to know that the humor of Eheads is and will always be there no matter what happen. Humor-yeah, that’s their magic that hooked me. I’m still in love with them, especially ELy 🙂 You’re just so lucky, very lucky, I envy you. Really. haha. =)

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