Twenty Again – My Two Cents

It was a December almost ten years ago.

I had that impulsive desire to have a henna tattoo on my arm because I don’t have the courage to get inked for real. I proudly showed it to a friend and she bugged me to go to the same place so she could get hers. I was feeling kinda lazy and I don’t want to walk so I asked her why in the world she wants to have one. Her husband won’t like it and it’s not really a good example to her four kids. She said,

“So that at least, I could tell myself, that I did not miss out on things like that.”

I am not a touchy person, and even if we are close, I am not the type to hold a hand or give someone a hug. I wanted to hug her that moment to say I understand but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. So without a word, I accompanied her and she had her temporary tattoo on her hand.

She got pregnant at eighteen and got married in the same year. She had one kid after another, being young and all. She was not able to finish college and her life revolved around the kids and her husband. Nine years into the marriage, the husband asked for a separation, saying they are not of the same level. I wanted to kill the guy when I heard that. WTF?! If she hadn’t married him and she hadn’t got stuck in that household being treated like a slave, preparing his meals, taking care of his kids, washing his clothes – she could’ve explored the world and would’ve been ten times higher than whatever level he’s bragging about.

I thought of her every time I watch “Twenty Again.” Unlike Ha No Ra, my friend did not go back to college and she let go of the man easily. Though there was no first love to come sweeping her off her feet, she had found a way to make up for all the lost time.

Ha No Ra got pregnant at a young age; she abandoned her dreams of being a dancer and focused on her husband and son. Her husband asked for divorce twenty years after saying he can no longer talk to her (which is akin to not being of the same level). She thought that educating herself will be the solution. Husband and son were opposed to the idea and she almost gave in until she received a false cancer diagnosis. Thinking that she is dying, she began making her bucket list. She attended university secretly. She faced a lot of hurdles – hiding from her family, being an outcast and being bullied by a professor who is, unknown to her, has been in love with her since high school.

More than the love story, what made me love this drama is Ha No Ra’s development. I loved how she was able to find that lost time, how she improved herself and made herself better.

Choi Ji woo proved once more why she is a K-Drama royalty. I have seen her way back and all I can remember is how much she cried during in Stairway to Heaven and Winter Sonata. This drama showed her in a new light (at least for me).  There was less crying and more fun moments and everytime she makes an achievement, I just felt the need to slow clap.

Twenty Again is an inspiring drama that showed us that it is never really too late to discover oneself and be better. I feel sad for saying goodbye.


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