Random Muttering 10/26/2015: Roller Coaster

You know that feeling when you ride roller coasters?

It looks both scary and exciting when you first lay your eyes on it. Once you buckle yourself in, you know there’s no turning back and the nervousness seems to take over the excitement. The first few minutes were exhilarating, freeing to some degree as you scream your heart out and try your best not to close your eyes. You even raise your hand up to feel the wind. But as the ride goes on, all you could wish for was for it to be over. As you start to hear your heartbeat ringing in your ears, you begin asking, “Is this ever going to end?”

Once you get off, your knees are wobbly. The world seems to continue whirling and you have this strong need to see everything you ate earlier in partially digested form.

I feel like that right now. I feel like I just got off and I still can’t place my feet firmly on the ground.

Moving around is no fun at all.


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