Random Muttering 10/27/2015 : What’s left behind

I used to sit in front of his window every morning; with a warm cup of coffee on one hand and a cigarette on the other. I would look up and see if anyone is up and about and we would just wave at each other to say good morning.

The last time I did that was more than seven years ago because I have given him my final wave when he decided to leave this world and try his luck in the afterlife.

About two years ago, his place burned down. Most of the house was torn down but the window where we used to wave at each other is still standing.

That house used to be full of laughter. With a group of adults playing like small kids – it was even more fun than bars and clubs. Ted playing the malditang prinsesa, Jayson imitating “Kampanerang Kuba,” Klang doing his own fashion show, Chez with his loud music, Elvin and his unfortunate circumstances, Alex with occasional melodramas – it’s like a funhouse that nobody wants to get out of.

And that is what makes it more painful, knowing that those stuff ended.

We moved back not too long ago and I try not to look up.

I don’t want to end up crying in the middle of the street like some broken-hearted damsel in a badly written melodrama.


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