Random Muttering 11/3/2015: Haist

This always happens after a few days without work – I don’t want to go back. I literally have to drag my own feet and tell myself over and over that I can do this, I need to do this. I have a love-hate relationship with my job and right now it’s the latter. It’s not because of my co-workers, my boss, or the kids – it’s because of how much I get paid. Why can’t I just stay at home and do whatever I want and have tons of money?

The thing is I am aware that I won’t earn much in this line of work. As Bob Ong said, teaching is not a profession, it’s a vocation. If you don’t have much dedication, you might as well quit. Well, I have dedication; I am just running out of it right now. I think I need a few bucks to replenish my supply and I don’t have enough in my pocket right now.

Here I go again with my ranting.

The thing is I feel like the vacation is just too short, I haven’t been able to watch enough dramas and movies, make arts and crafts projects, or try a new recipe. I spent most of my time sleeping and doing duties for my family (e.g. All Souls Day). Now it’s back to sleeping early, working for almost 12 hours, and being too tired to do something that really interests me.

My only consolation is I’ll be looking forward to the four day holiday in the middle of November and Christmas break (yay!).


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