Pens and Markers

“I’m beginning to realise that I’m either overly sentimental, or am a hoarder who struggles to part with things. In all honesty, I’m probably both.”
Fennel Hudson, A Waterside Year – Fennel’s Journal – No. 2

I am not a collector and hoarding stuff is not really my style. It was not until a friend pointed out that I have too many pens and markers.


It was an unconscious act, buying them. Whenever I go to the mall, my favorite hang out is National Bookstore. I browse through books I can’t afford and buy my usual supply of pens, papers and notebooks. Sometimes, I don’t really need anything, I just like going around the store and I just don’t feel right if I go out empty handed. I almost always end up buying pens and markers.

I don’t need a lot; I only have two hands and only use one of them. I just like looking at them and there’s a sense of happiness when I see my pencil case bursting. I love the sight of different colored stuff in it.

Perhaps it’s because I have always wanted to write. I have the habit of writing down my thoughts, even trivial and nonsense stuff, I tend to put down on paper. I know I don’t have what it takes to be a quote and quote, writer. But it just feels nice to write, especially if the words are colorful and have a variety of thickness and strokes.

But I guess I have to hit the break on this habit. I tested some of the pens which I bought, eons ago and the ink dried up. It’s a waste of money and it adds to pollution.


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