Random Muttering 12/4/2015: Getting Older (and more boring)

I have noticed that time seems to fly faster as I get older. It feels like yesterday when we were welcoming 2015 and now it is about to end. I used to be excited when December comes around. I love the cold weather (which unfortunately is not as cold as it used to. Darn global warming!) and the shorter days. I enjoy Christmas songs and I look forward to the gifts I will be giving away as well as those I might receive.
I used to anticipate the holidays – but now I am dreading it. Holidays have come down to heavier traffic jams, more expenses, and haywire. Inasmuch as I want to think about more family time and people being extra nicer, I can’t help but worry about trivial things.
Oh well – I guess I just got older and more boring. Maybe the Christmas spirit hasn’t creeped into me yet. But one thing I am sure of is, another year is ending and I feel like it is leaving me sited in the same place where I was when it came.:(


I really wish I could be as excited as they are for this season. The way I was when I was their age.

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