Rambling Muttering 1/17/2016: Please Be Nice =)

Time really flies fast.

It was not so long ago when I was staring with mouth half open at the fireworks display not far from our house. It feels like a distant memory however; because I spent the first two weeks of 2016 being busy. I prepared exams, cleaned up my table, gathered my things. In the midst of all those tasks, I watched a few Korean dramas and some Japanese films of the early 2000’s. I even watched some Hollywood films from the 90’s. I even inserted some cooking and crocheting. I wanted to blog, however, I was in that “the first should be special” state of mind thus I ended up writing nothing. Because really – nothing special took place.

The year just ended, the last number had just been replaced. At least I am not in the place where I was last year both literally and figuratively. 2015 has been good, not great nor bad. It left me and I was not able to say goodbye properly which made me forget to welcome 2016 suitably. I was not able to prepare a list of resolutions and wishes. *sigh*

Maybe this is why 2016 has been a bit grumpy. I got into a fight with some family members a week ago and the neighbors a week before that. It’s okay now but really, that was distressing. Then my computer conked out two days ago. My cousin was able to fix it. However, it was the exams week and I had tons of paperwork so the stress was just unimaginable. I told myself time and again to sleep like a normal person, six hours at least but because of those incidences I’ve been lucky to sleep for three hours. The dark circles under my eyes would take weeks to disappear.

2016, please be nice.

I am happy that you’re here. I am excited for the things that you might bring. Though you remind me that I am approaching the big four-zero and I am still single. My best friend is going to be a grandma soon and you are diminishing my chances of having my eggs fertilized – I am okay with it! I know that you will give me chance to be a millionaire before that time comes. My nieces and nephews are growing to be such fine human beings. My mother is very healthy and my sisters are enjoying successful careers. I have a lot to be thankful for and I know that you will give me more. =)



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