Random Muttering 1/31/2015: That was fast

January is ending later. February will start soon. That was fast.

that was fast

It was so busy I did not realize it was over until now. Work has tripled, social life is still zero, love life is negative. I’ve been wanting to blog but I still can’t find anything to write about. I am actually writing now for the sake of writing.

If there was one thing I was focused on the past few days was doing better at work. I’ve been coming up with more exciting activities, preparing nicer materials and being more satisfied with the reaction. I am actually happy with my performance but I miss doing other things (e.g. watching series and movies). I guess you really can’t have it all. Twenty-four hours is really not enough to do all the things that we want.

January taught me to be hardworking, I hope February will teach me to balance. =)


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