Random Muttering 2/1/2016: Choice


Two days ago, I went out with some friends and we came across this stall in the night market selling cosmetics. They were on sale but my budget is only enough to let me buy one item. I was torn between a lipstick I am dying to have and the face mask that I’ve been wanting to try. It took me almost an hour and several trips around and back to make my final decision.

I picked the lipstick.

Choosing is one of the hardest tasks one can face especially if given equally good options. Every time I see the ad for the face mask, I still ask myself if I have made the right decision. Then I’ll put on my new lipstick and feel good. Yes. I think I did make the right decision.

Everyday we have to make decisions, make choices. What clothes to wear, what food to eat, what movie to watch, what song to listen to – the list just goes on and on. But when tough times come and trivial things are about to ruin my day – this is what I always remind myself. Happiness is a choice too.


It could be really difficult especially when the pain and the sadness are just too much and too great but I try to pick happiness as much as I could. I know that there are times when we have to feel that pain and that sadness. Yes we have to let them in from time to time but we can’t let them take over. If we could, we must always let happiness rule.

Life is too short. We must make the most of it. =)



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