Random Muttering 2/3/2015: Yesterday (and how it almost got ruined by traffic)

I was all about happiness and optimism when I woke up yesterday. I have a well-planned activity for the kids and my materials are all prepared. I left the house earlier than usual, all smiles and feeling like a supermodel.


Traffic happened.

If I remember it right, I have posted a couple of blogs about how much I hate heavy traffic and how I try to cope with it. I LEFT EARLIER THAN USUAL but I was still late for work because of the traffic. All the positive vibes I was feeling had run out after waiting for a ride for an hour. I wanted to take a power nap for the rest of my travel but it took me another hour and a half on the road. I was stoic in the first few minutes. I was irritated in thirty minutes and fifteen minutes more , my irritation turned to full blown anger.

I wanted to throw things, or shout at anybody, or pick a fight with passers-by. I desperately want to pull my hair and stomp my feet while cursing the government and all the traffic enforcers. I counted to ten, then to a thousand then I forgot. I was fuming but I can’t do anything because I was in a public place and I haven’t lost my sanity yet.

I wouldn’t have been this angry if I had no conscious effort to adjust to the traffic situation. Waiting for a ride usually takes me fifteen minutes to thirty at most, the travel with traffic jam is forty-five minutes to an hour.

The traffic ended eventually. I reached my destination, I was able to carry out my plans – I just don’t feel like a supermodel anymore.


Trivial things like this can really test our resolve. But it ends eventually so we might as well forget about it. It made a chip on my day but I did not let it ruin the day completely.


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