Random Muttering 2/8/2016: Faith

For sometime now, I have been paralyzed by worries. Money, career, relationship and health worries have occupied my mind to the point I can’t enjoy my daily life and sometimes it makes me unable to do my job well.
In times like this, I only have God to hold on to. I have been hesitant to write this because of another worry. I don’t want my friends to think I am self-righteous. I am not what you can call a model Christian, but I believe in Him and how His Son saved us. I do a lot of stupid stuff and I have a lot to work on. Maybe this is why I worry a lot because I am lacking a lot.


When I worry, I feel like I am enveloped in chaos. But once I decide to hold on to Him and believe that He will not let me go, I feel a certain peace. My heart is still a little turbulent but in a few minutes, I know it will be back to the usual peaceful pace it is in.
God is bigger than my worries.:-)

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