Random Muttering: thoughts at the airport

Funny how 70% of romcoms I’ve watched have an airport scene.


Scenario one: one will go to another country to forget and that’s when the other will realize how important the other person is. So the guy or girl will literally run and jump over obstacles and make a huge confession amidst a crowd.


Scenario two: one will leave with the second lead and the lead will also run and jump to stop them from leaving together.


Scenario three: one will leave to pursue whatever and the other will also run and jump to join the love of his/her life.


As I sit waiting for our flight that got delayed for almost four hours, I was kinda hoping to see any of those scenes and this is what I will do.
One: after the grand confession, I will stand in front of them and shout: “walang forever! Maghihiwalay din kayo.”
Two: before the lead finds them, I will put my leg in the way so he or she will trip on it.
Three: I will steal the tickets of the leads and let them stay to resolve their drama. (Di pa nagsabay umalis)
Well, these movies are really lame. Why do they have to run and jump? With the heavy traffic and long deeeeeelays, I’m sure they can catch up even if they walk slowly.



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