Election 2016 Hoolabaloos

The presidential election is less than a month away. In my experience as a thinking adult, this is probably the most fanfare laden in my memory. Social media is bursting with opinion and arguments, candidates and their cohorts are feeding the fire. It’s insane how my Facebook and Twitter feeds are laden with political posts, almost all Filipino netizens have a say on issues. Though I am happy that ordinary people are discussing and airing their thoughts (and are heard) more than before, it frustrates me how some have led to fights and cutting of ties.

It seems that there are people who have forgotten the meaning of respect in the heat of the moment. It is indeed infuriating to see others make choices that we deem wrong but let us remember that we are dealing with individuals who have their own set of values and beliefs. We can try to lure them to pick what we think is the best choice but we have to accept that there is a limit to what we can do. We have to respect the fact that they have their own brains, (no matter how small we think it is,) to use.

It’s crazy that some people have resorted to personal attacks and how some longtime friends have unfriended each other or how family members have resorted to Twitter and Facebook wars. There are people have turned rabid and they are ready to devour anyone who are not making the same choice as they are. I am still hoping that Filipino voters would think well and weigh their options more rather than engage in blind faith and extreme fanaticism.

The election will be over on May 9 my dear friends but the relationship with friends and family will go on beyond that. I hope that we will change our leaders but not the people who are dear to us.



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