To the One That Got Away

My heart is still aching though I knew from the start that it would take a miracle to pull her numbers up. I voted for her because I know she is the most qualified and deserving. Perhaps it was destiny that dictated it. I don’t regret choosing her and I don’t believe that my vote was wasted. My vote showed her that there are people who would stand up for her the way she stood up for us.

Mabuhay ka MDS! For us who believed in you, you are the best president we never had.



2 thoughts on “To the One That Got Away

  1. I voted for her during the elections where she ran versus Fidel Ramos. While I am out of the country, I always look up for news about her. Her time in the Senate and her oration, speeches, and public appearances are such inspiration. She doesn’t deserve a country who looks up to leaders who enjoy profanities and rape jokes.

    • She had done all she could and I just wish she’ll have the good life that she deserves. Sounds oa but I feel like crying. It’s like letting go of that one great love and accepting that fate just opted to work against you.

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