Random Muttering 5/23/2016

Summer classes are over and I would have a week-long break which means I can stay up late (yay!). I can watch movies and series or do some crafts or just lie around the house imagining things. I don’t want to pressure myself too much because I’m pretty sure that among all those things that I said I planned on doing, I can only do the last one.

– – – – –

I had the notion that military service makes Korean actors less attractive. Most of them look thinner and sharper after enlistment (e.g. Jo In-sung, Hyun Bin). However, Song Joong-ki changed that. He looks ten times more handsome than before and he became manlier in my eyes LOL. I haven’t watched Descendants of the Sun yet and I am avoiding fan reviews but I want to find out why I see a lot of raves about it online so maybe (just maybe) I’ll give it a shot.


– – – –

I lost a thousand bucks a few days ago. I know it’s not much but I still feel sad at the thought that I just lost something I worked for. I can’t remember how I lost it but I believe I used it to pay for the umbrella. I thought I handed a one hundred peso bill so I just left without waiting for my change. They really have to change the colors of these bills.


– – – –

Since I felt sad, I decided to just cook something nice for myself the next day. I made some baked macaroni. I just tossed some macaroni in spaghetti sauce, covered it in white sauce, sprinkled a generous amount of quick melt cheese and popped it  in the toaster oven.  It made me feel a wee bit better.



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