Enoshima Prism (2013) – My Take


Enoshima Prism is a 2013 Japanese film which stars Sota Fukushi, Shuhei Nomura and Tsubasa Honda. The three leads play childhood friends who are inseparable until Saku (Nomura) died due to his heart illness. On his second year death anniversary, his friend Shuta (Fukushi) discovered a watch which took him back in time, a day before Saku’s death. Shuta then resolved to prevent his death and change their destiny.


Time travel is a favorite topic in fiction. Perhaps because some people want to change their pasts while others want to see their future and there are those who are just fascinated with the concept of watching history unfold. But what endeared this film to me was Shuta’s choice that led to this film’s poignant ending.


Losing a friend is never easy. Shuta’s choice is painful, but it just showed how much he loved his friend. If I were given the same option, I would have done the same. It would be enough for me to be assured that he would live a long and full life even if it means I am and was not a part of it.


This is why I believe in parallel universes. I would like to believe that he is happy and alive and living la vida loca somewhere else. RIP Ted. =)  mwah! mwah!


BTW,  my favorite character has got to be Kyoko (Honoka Miki) – the loneliest among them.



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