Random Muttering 5/28/2016: The Evil Singing Machine

Filipinos love to sing and there are a lot of great Filipino singers. In the last few years we have seen how Filipinos dominated international singing contests. In our daily lives, many of us sing in the shower, while hanging out or just out of nowhere. No wonder the karaoke is such a big hit in this country.

We call it the videoke – to differentiate it from the karaoke which has no video display. Seven out of ten occasions I attend to these past few days have one. For as low as five hundred Pesos, you can rent a videoke machine for a whole day and sing your heart out. It doesn’t matter if you sound like a frog or you’re out of tune. The worse you sound, the funnier you are which means more fun for the guests. I have nothing against people who are not good singers but love to sing. I believe I am one of them as well. Besides, it seems to be the trend lately (e.g. Anne Curtis – nuff said).

a clap

A neighbor had one of their babies baptized and they rented a videoke. I was fine with it even if it keeps playing only two songs – Aegis’ “Sayang” and “Let It Go.” I was fine even if they were not singing the song but literally shouting the lyrics. I was fine until it was time to go to bed.

I wanted to shout at them or throw a pot at them but I did not. I am a nice neighbor and besides, they don’t do it every day. I have to console myself at the thought that it is much better than the place we lived in about seven years ago when parties are held every day around us and the singing begins at 2 pm and ends at six in the morning.

This is why I totally agree with the incoming president’s proposal of implementing a curfew on the use of these machines. People need sleep and bellowing those Aegis hits in the wee hours of the morning is like turning over the table in the middle of someone’s meal.

a cry


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