When The Boat is Sinking…

“The Boat is Sinking” is probably one of the most favorite party games of both kids and adults. The host will say, “The boat is sinking, group yourselves into______.” Once the number is given, all the players will try to form groups and those who are lacking a member or have an excess one will all be eliminated. Usually it will end with two players winning but in my class I usually place a chair in the middle and let the last two players race to sit on it.

Friendship is tested in this game because most of the time, those who are closest in a group will not separate from one another. Others though, for self-survival, will push away their buddies to join a bigger group.


I feel like I am in a boat right now. It is shaking and rocking, there are big waves coming and the wind is whooshing. The captain hasn’t given any instruction yet but my crew and I are all just waiting. I want to fight till the end but I feel weak, I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

When all else fails and we have no choice but to abandon ship, I am sure I can survive on my own. There are plenty of other bigger ships I can jump into. However, this does not remove the fear and the sadness I am feeling at the moment.


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